Website translation: do not leave anything to chance

“Your website is your shopping window, hence its quality is crucial.”

Think about your main promotion method, how your clients usually find you. What is the first thing that occurs to you: the Yellow Pages, newspaper adverts? Or maybe your website? Undoubtedly, however you advertise yourself, nowadays it is already unavoidable and mandatory to include the link to your website, thus the quality of its text and translation is of utmost importance for your business.

A professional website requires an investment in terms of time and money. Aside from the visual importance of a website, you should not forget about the fact that the text and words are those elements presenting and selling your product. They are the ones representing your company and speaking on its behalf. It is essential to devote time and efforts to drafting these texts in order to achieve the purpose of your website: to attract your client’s attention and gain a new contact or sale.

Moreover, if you decide to translate your website with the intention of broadening your scope of action and expanding into new markets, you must ensure that the translation of your website meets the quality of the original text and that it conveys the same while adapting to the target audience. Therefore, please let us not fall into the mistake of using shortcuts by means of, for example, automatic translation services (ideal for other cases we will deal with further on). A translation company knows how to process this type of text, which, in addition, involves specific characteristics that have to be taken into account as well, such as buttons, texts within images and keywords. Quality translations are a good investment, as they improve thecorporate image and represent a sales increase.

You should neither forget about the quality of the original text. Even if you have drafted it in your mother tongue, it is always wise to ask a professional proofreader/editor to have a look at it to correct possible errors. Remember that the spellcheckers of text editors do not detect everything and that a professional will know how to better structure the text for it to be perfect and fulfil its function, which is precisely that of promoting your services or products with the aim of increasing your company’s sales.

Translating a company's website provides access to new markets.Nowadays, before entering a shop or hiring a specific service, we usually gather information about its offer through the Internet from the comfort of our home or office. This means that your website turns into your best shopping window.

Would you buy something in an untidy, dirty and smelly shop? You would surely run out of it without even saying goodbye. This is reduced to the path of least resistance on the Internet, that is, to something as simple as a click.

Do not take the risk of losing clients because of a website with a sloppy text, which conveys the impression that no effort has been done behind, that it complicates communication and that it is unclear. No matter how high the quality of your products or services is, if the clients do not understand their descriptions, they will not buy them. To make matters worse: They may understand them, though, but the spelling and grammar errors may lead them to think that, if you do not give any importance to something as basic as one’s own image, why should you give it to the product or service on offer? Do not take the risk of letting that happen with your website and, consequently, being it the cause of your business failure.

Boasting a website translated into several languages is one of the essential requirements in a company’s internationalisation process. The time and money invested in it are the business driver, hence it is indispensable for its text and translations to excel quality-wise. Bear in mind that the website is one of the most important platforms of a business; thus, a good text is the best promotion of all.

Imma Batallé, translator and proofreader/reviewer at Planet Lingua.



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